Guess who’s back!?!

Hello world, I am back! Not that I actually went anywhere…but don’t you all get excited at once.

Well it’s been awhile since I’ve done a personal blog post. First off I just want to thank my viewers/readers for spending time on my page. You could be doing something more valuable with your time like watching movies about sexy glittery vampires, or men that are fifty shades of the color mentally unstable.

or maybe reading another blog, like one about kittens or the 100 ways to use a crock pot.

*taps mic* Hello this thing still on? You guys still there? Great! let’s continue…

I’ve been inspired lately to start writing more, mainly because I’ve been reading all types of crazy books. Mostly dark twisted reads or ones with naive, constantly crying weak heroines running away from psychotic bloody murders. And no I’m not mentally disturbed, I just don’t like reading rainbow & unicorns type books. Moving on…

In March I turn 28 freakin’ years old. Can’t believe it. My twenties are slowly slipping from my fingers. I gotta admit that sometimes I get depressed thinking about growing up. I miss those good ol’ college days, free of bills and a full time job. I did art & played sports, two things I MAJORLY excelled at. I was living the dream people!! Now, the monday – friday thing 8-5 isn’t really at the top of my skill set, but hey I make it work because I love my small rad apartment & buying what I want at the grocery store, like those fancy juices in the health section that cost like $4. Whatever you get my point BUT on the bright side, I have my health, I’m still in my twenties, no kids, no debt, I have an incredibly hot boyfriend (shout out to Daemaine) I should be doing freaking’ back flips in clown suit.

…but let me have this one rant please…

Ok the crappy thing about almost being thirty is the fact that I’m still suffering with acne. Like can’t-go-to-the-prom-i-have-a-zit-on-my-forehead acne. Like WTF. Apparently I did something awful in my formal life that I’m still being punished for. Plus any medication you take for it has like a gizzilion side effects. I remember one prescription I was on, in spite of the fact that my skin itched all the time, I was able to calm down the devil-created acne for awhile, but just like every other hellish demon it came back to haunt me. Dear acne in the name of the Lord I rebuke thee!! **looks for bible**

Other than that, I can’t complain. Life is good.

ahh, I’m glad we had this convo. I feel better already. I should rant more to my imaginary blog readers or to that ONE creepy guy on his laptop that wears all black & listens to Metallica in the dark and somehow, on his way cyber surfing for the dark corners of the internet he stumbled across my blog & surprisingly read it. Thank you creepy man sir. haha

I think I will make a habit out of writing my thoughts down more, because boy oh boy do my thoughts bounce around my big ol’ head all the time. Now I must master the art of catching them & typing them for all you to see or read, that way you can confirm that I am indeed a little crazy. This should be fun. Until next time…


ok it’s “next time” already. Whew that was fast huh? Seriously I wanted to post some of my photos from my daily iPhone photography adventures!

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MobilePhotos2015holesriverbabymarrieddMobilePhotos2015CskateressparisMobilePhotos2015DmannykailleMobilePhotos2015ENYstreetsspirallUntil next time…(for real this time haha)


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