Raywood Maternity Photographer – Carrying Two

Twins. I can’t even imagine how it feels to carry one child, let alone two! I’ve also never met a woman that looks so elegant & glows with beauty like my cousin Jennifer. One day I’ll have my first child and I can’t even imagine myself looking glamorous on a photoshoot, my style is more like being parked on the sofa scooping out Blue Bell ice cream, eating double stuffed oreos & scrolling through NetFlix….oh wait I already do that!  Anyways Jennifer is my preggo motherly idol! I can’t wait to finally meet the boys, Andrew & Ethan. I will say photographing all these maternity session gives me baby fever for like 1.25 seconds, then I snap back in my reality! Kristen is not ready for changing diapers just yet! For now I like to celebrate the motherhood of others.

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